Monday, 1 September 2014

France | Day Three

It was a scorching day today today, so there was only really one thing to do. Sunbathe! I'm not a sun worshipper really, but I need a bit of down time so plonked myself by the pool for the better half of the afternoon! It was really peaceful and I even nodded off for a bit!
After Breakfast (2 Eggs,Toast, a Banana, an Apple and some Mint Green Tea) I was fuelled up for the day. I had a rather late breakfast so it was really more of a brunch! We went into town to the Supermarket to get some more food (i.e Chicken and Pancakes for me!) so after that I hit the pool!
I forget to bring a cover up away with me so just thew a Kimono over my Bikini just while I run from the house to the pool. It's only a stones throw away though, but I'm not partial to running around in the nip on holiday's...any more! It's light and airy so it's not too warm in the heat making it perfect for both day and night.
To get the minimum amount of tan lines I chose my strapless bikini from Forever21+ I love pretty much everything about it. The High waisted bottoms are perfect for gals who are a bit tummy conscious and the strapless top is great from sunbathing. It comes with detachable straps so if you want a bit more support!
I'm not going to harp on too much about being bikini confident like I've done the past few years. I think all women should be able to rock whatever they want. Whether you're plus size, slim, have big boobs, small boobs, a big bum, no bum etc... It doesn't matter what you have or haven't got just wear what you feel comfortable in and enjoy the sun!
The Pool was absolutely freezing (Aren't they all?) but it was too hot outside not to take the plunge and cool off. I hate being cold and there's nothing hate more than jumping into a cold pool! If only that was my only dilemma every Monday afternoon!
 It takes a fierce bit of balls to put a close up of your bod on the internet, but I had to show you the lovely pattern and the frill detail, plus I'm comfortable in my body, so why not show it off ;) The frill detail is a nice feminine touch, but also takes the eye away from your stomach which is clever! I would however really recommend the straps if you were doing anything other tan pool time and a dip in the pool as it's not that secure! 
The Pool is the perfect size. It;s not too deep either so if you're like me and don't want to always get my hair wet you can walk the entire length without going under. I do like going for a good swim but sometimes I just want to cool down my body and not have my hair go cray with the Chlorine! 
 I had a lovely chill Monday's where my emails went unanswered and I didn't have to worry about anything other than what I was going to have to eat for the rest of the day. When I go home I've 11 weeks left before I'm off travelling for a couple of months so I suppose I've that to look forward to!

Sunday, 31 August 2014

France Day 2 | Tonnay Boutonne

After waking up after a lovely nights sleep it was full steam ahead for my first proper day on the continent. After going to our nearest Supermarket and stocking up on some food we made our way to Tonnay Boutonne to a Market. France shuts down on a Sunday and literally nothings open past midday!

The weather was lovely all day, although not too hot which was great. There's nothing worse than baking in the sun when you're not near a swimming pool. I wore a skirt and crop top and felt really feminine, a few people even commented on my outfit (and one took a photo!) I don't wear skirts enough and I'm falling in love with them all over again!
The Village is tiny but really quaint and I enjoyed looking around the different stalls and indulging in a hot dog, it seemed to be the gathering place beside the Village Hall. Ice Cream, Wine, Hot Dogs and French Fries were on the menu! I managed to avoid everything else as I was too full with my loaves of French Bread I've been nibbling on! 
I loved all the cute lanes leading to the main square and loved the whole feel of the town. There was a strong sense of community throughout which is so nice to see. Everyone out in the Town Hall enjoying good food and what looked like good company! We were just saying how it's such a shame that Sunday's in Ireland are like any other day of the week especially if you're like me and work in the retail industry!
We spent a most of the afternoon wandering around and relaxing. I parked myself down and just people watched, It's one of my favourite hobbies don'tcha know! I'm already getting a little bit of colour. Since I didn't get away much this Summer I'm making the most of the sunshine and tomorrow we may just plonk ourselves down by the pool and do absolutely nothing!
I was a bit lazy today and didn't bother washing my hair. I was styling it when I realised it was actually quite greasy so I threw on my Wonderland Wig which was surprisingly not too hot for the heat, I'm such a sucker for long hair and this hairpiece is definitely something i enjoy wearing, who doesn't want long, voluminous locks?
The skirt I'm wearing is from Matalan. It's so girly. I ordered it with Parcel Motel as they don't ship to Ireland and it only cost me €3 to get it sent down the road from my house which is extremely handy!The service is also great if you want to avail of free shipping to the UK or if you know you won't be home in time for the delivery man! 
We lost Mum from the beginning so it was me and Dad for most of it. They're both huge fan of Antiques so you can Imagine they were both in their element. I'm not a Vintage not an Antique kinda gal, but it was more enjoyable then being in Dundrum Town Centre on a Sunday Afternoon. I was also incredibly snap happy with my Camera and took way too many photo's.
I was sitting here for a little while when a French Man asked for a picture as "Women don't dress this way in France" apparently! Not one to turn down a photo opportunity I happily obliged. I have to agree with him. In Paris the style is effortless and chic, but when you get down into rural France I swear it's like stepping into a time machine! I've yet to see one woman (or man) with enviable style..
At the end of the Market. It looks so like home I had to take a photo. If I told you that was Tipperary you'd all believe me! The countryside is so like Ireland you nearly forget where you are, until you see fields and fields of Sunflowers and then I'm reminded I'm on my holiday's and that I don't have to do anything for a whole week other than eat and relax!
On the way back we stopped off in Surgeles again. It's so pretty! We'll be back to visit the Castle properly in the next day or two but I thought I'd get a few photo's! Not the best quality but I really wanted to show off this outfit! It's one of my favourites at the moment. The Crop top is from H&M and only cost me about a tenner and my glasses are from Penneys!
Until Tomorrow :)