Wednesday, 25 June 2014

What I Wore: Leopard Print Cardi and Sheer Skirt

This has been my go to outfit recently. It's not too warm nor when the weather takes a little turn you're not too cold either. I've had this skirt for ages and literally wear it to death. It's incredibly comfortable and so versatile. you can throw it on over literally everything! As Someone who will always go back to black it's a fantastic piece to have in your wardrobe!
Like I said in one of my more recent posts, I'm saving up for a rather expensive trip so I'm getting the wear out of all my old clothes! I've had this cardigan for donkey's years and it hasn't piled or anything, which I'm delighted with. It's a great length and I've dressed this up and down! I picked it up in H&M for less than €20 and it's one of the best bargain's I've ever got.
This Sheer Skirt*(Similar) from Yours Clothing has to be my all time favourite skirt. It's elasticated at the waist and the skirt underneath comes to just above the knee so it's nice and flattering! I've worn this skirt in the winter too with a pair of ankle boots so it's incredibly versatile! I chose to add a black tank top to give the illusion of a dress.As well a being sheer this skirt also has two sexy slits, which I love!
I tossed my hair up, which is a rarity I will admit, but it's a bit humid out and I much prefer to just scrape it back and have it out of my face. Accessories wise, I just wore a gorgeous pearl necklace from Fran&Jane and  my much loved Louis Vuitton Speedy 35. Although they're expensive I've worn this to death over the last three years. If you're a bag fiend like I am, they're well worth the investment!


  1. Love that style skirt and that print on top is fab on you!

  2. You look gorgeous! I love a bit of animal print in the daytime :)

  3. It's definitely an easy-going yet stylish look. I'm such a huge fan of sheer so, of course, I'm a fan of your skirt.


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